Preserve™ PS

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Prescription strength antioxidant supplement


What is Preserve PS

Muscle damage is a constant risk in working horses, leading to reduced performance or inability to work. Preserve PS contains a proven mixture of antioxidant agents and essential nutrients that supports normal muscle function during even the most strenuous exercise, and speeds muscle recovery after work, reducing downtime between performances. Preserve PS features natural-source vitamin E for superior bioavailability.

Why should I use Preserve PS for my horse

Guaranteed Analysis

Per  30 g

Vitamin E

1,500 IU

Vitamin C

750 mg


2 mg


3 g

  • Supports muscle recovery after work, reducing downtime between performances
  • May assist in the prevention of muscle soreness in performance horses
  • Helps to maintain a healthy immune system
  • Aids in recovery after injury or illness
  • Features natural-source vitamin E for superior bioavailability
  • Important for horses on selenium-deficient pastures

How do I use Preserve PS

How often should you reorder?
Number of horses Reorder every
1 14 weeks
2 7 weeks
3 4 weeks

Top-dress on feed. Feed 30 g per day for maintenance. Feed 60 g per day after strenuous exercise or recovery from an episode of tying-up. These recommendations are for horses with a mature body weight of 1,100 lb (500 kg).

What do others say about Preserve PS

“Preserve PS helps Heraldic maintain proper immunity and aids in recovery during the strenuous travel and competition of endurance events.” 
-John Crandell III, Winner of the Tevis Cup
I use Preserve PS as part of my horse's diet - it acts as a powerful antioxidant - which helps during travel and training. I love having the magnesium in there...It's a very thorough product and I'm very happy with it.
Shelly Temple, Single Pony Driving Champion

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