KER ClockIt Accessories

KER ClockIt Accessories

Equipment to monitor equine heart rate with the KER ClockIt™ mobile application.

Use a heart-rate monitor and KER ClockIt to track how an individual horse’s fitness improves over time.

KER ClockIt Starter Pack: Monitor and gel. Everything you need to get started with the mobile application.

KER ClockIt Heart-Rate Monitor: Equine heart-rate monitor. For use with the KER ClockIt mobile application. 

Polar A300 Fitness Monitor: Heart-rate monitor watch. Easily see KER ClockIt mobile application heart-rate data in real time while riding.

Polar H7 Heart-Rate Sensor: Bluetooth transmitter. Enable an older equine heart-rate monitor to communicate with KER ClockIt.

Contact Gel: Conductive medium. Improve the monitor's performance.

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