Nutrition Wellness Program

Nutrition is the foundation of equine health and performance. Without a sound nutrition program, optimal health and performance cannot be achieved and may even suffer.

To ensure that your horse's nutritional foundation is strong, you or your stable can join other top equestrians in calling upon KER's nutrition expertise to ensure your horses are given the greatest chance at long-term health and optimal performance.

By partnering with KERx, you will gain access to KER’s staff of renowned equine nutritionists and cutting-edge nutrition technology. KER’s innovative equine nutrition software, MicroSteed, allows us to evaluate equine rations and compare the nutrients provided by the ration to the nutrient requirements of the horse. Thus, we can identify any nutritional shortfalls or excesses.

Along with regular health evaluations, vaccinations and preventive care, you can rest assured that your horses' rations are appropriate and adequate.

You know that a sound nutrition program is critical for optimal health. That is why we are pleased to provide you with a nutrition wellness program for the horses in your care.

Enrollment in the program provides you with:

  • Comprehensive, streamlined rations that meet each horse’s (or group's) nutrient requirements, minimize effects of environmental risk factors, and utilize appropriate extranutritional supplementation to address special needs.

  • Prescription Wellness Supplement, in a an appropriate formula, designed to limit the the effects of environmental risks on equine health and performance.

  • Regular monitoring of your horses' nutrition programs and consultation when needed.

Getting started is easy. Contact KERx to enroll your horse or stable.

In order for to participate in the program, a KERx nutrition specialist or certified agent will conduct the following:

  • A nutrition audit to determine the contribution of the current ration relative to the horse’s requirements.

  • An assessment of health and performance risk factors inherent to the horse’s situation.

  • An analysis of current supplementation with respect to special needs and desired effect.

The addition of optimal nutrition to your equine wellness program will be instrumental in helping the horses in your care achieve their maximum performance potential.

What to expect from enrolling your clients.

The first step after enrollment into the nutrition wellness program is to gather pertinent information in order to perform a thorough nutrition evaluation. Depending on your location and the availability of a certified advisor, this may be done via a site visit or by completing a form provided by a nutrition advisor.

Medical History

By working along side your veterinarians, we strive for a comprehensive approach to providing excellent care for the horses in your care. If special needs are evident, we may ask for a detailed health history or request contact with your veterinarian to determine if there are any current medical conditions or history that might affect the horses’ nutritional needs as well as to obtain their impression of any prevalent medical trends within your stable.

Horse Management Interview

The next step is completion of a horse management interview, which is designed to determine a horse’s nutrient requirements. A nutrition technician will collect the information necessary to perform the evaluation. In particular, the following will be noted:

  • Age
  • Body weight
  • Body condition score
  • Exercise level and frequency
  • Ration components
  • Daily intakes
  • Feeding management
  • Performance challenges and goals

Samples of feedstuffs without readily available nutrient composition information may also be collected or requested at this time. Later, these may be submitted to a laboratory for chemical analysis to determine their nutrient composition.

Risk Assessment

After completion of the veterinary and farm management interviews, the nutrition specialist will determine environmental and performance risk factors that the horse(s) might encounter. These may include situations that can negatively impact health or performance such as:

  • High-grain diet
  • Limited access to pasture
  • Variable forage source/type/quality
  • Performance disciplines

The potential effects of these risk factors may be minimized by the addition of the Prescription Wellness Supplement to the horse’s daily ration. 

Special Needs Consideration

The nutritional needs of most horses can be adequately met by good-quality feed and forage. However,some horses may suffer from conditions that require targeted supplementation of nutritional support factors. Some conditions that may be addressed through supplementation of specific nutrients or extranutritional support factors are:

  • Poor hoof quality
  • Degenerative joint disease
  • Tying-up syndrome
  • Metabolic syndromes
  • Poor bone quality
  • Excitability
  • Allergic sensitivity
  • Hindgut health
  • Gastric ulcers 

Nutrition Audit

After all the pertinent information regarding the horse’s needs, medical history and management has been gathered, this data is analyzed to audit nutritional adequacy of the ration. This is accomplished through the use of MicroSteed, KER’s innovative equine nutrition software. This program uses the exact description of the horse to determine its nutrient requirements, and then allows us to compare the horse’s requirements to what the current feeding program provides. Its specially designed graphs and tables allow easy visual determination of how each ration component contributes to the overall ration and to the horse’s requirement for each nutrient.

Recommended nutrition program.

Once the nutrition audit has been completed and any nutrient excesses or shortfalls identified, recommendations are presented based on the horse’s history, risk analysis and special needs. With the desire of caregivers to provide horses with the best care and the availability of many feeds and supplements, rations sometimes become unnecessarily complicated. This can result in a ration full of costly, ineffective and even detrimental levels of additional supplementation. Our goals are (1) to provide a streamlined, cost-effective and balanced ration; (2) to minimize the effects of environmental risks by introducing a customized Wellness Supplement; and (3) to address special needs through targeted extranutritional supplementation.

Our recommendation may address and explain the following:

  • Forage type and intake
  • Feed choice and intake
  • Supplementation choices
  • Energy balance and sources
  •  Nutrient adequacy
  • Risk management
  • Feeding management
  • Cost analysis

Continuing support

We understand that things change. Therefore, we are readily accessible to answer any questions you may have when changes occur. As your equine nutrition partner, KERx supplies nutritional resources that are part of the comprehensive care your horse thrives on.