Joint health supplement
1 kg (66 servings)


What is KER•Flex

Guaranteed Analysis

per 30 g

Glucosamine HCl

10,000 mg

Chondroitin sulfate

2,000 mg

KER•Flex is a powdered oral joint supplement suitable for all classes of horses engaged in various types of exercise.

Progressive degeneration of joints is commonplace, especially in hard-working horses, and degenerative joint disease limits the careers of many performance horses. By the time clinical signs of joint disease are evident, damage has already occurred.

KER•Flex contains a synergistic blend of glucosamine HCl and chondroitin sulfate to provide broad-spectrum support of joint health.

Why should I use KER•Flex for my horse

  • Contains high-quality joint support compounds glucosamine HCl and chondroitin sulfate in a palatable powdered formula to provide broad-spectrum support of joint health
  • Suitable for all classes of horses engaged in various types of exercise
  • Aids in maintenance of joint integrity and minimizes wear and tear on joints
  • Works to reduce cartilage damage and stimulate cartilage repair
  • May lead to reduced frequency of or need for injectible joint therapies
  • Recommended for older, arthritic horses to slow progression of arthritis and help promote a pain-free future

How do I use KER•Flex

For horses in light to moderate work, add 15 g to daily grain ration. Horses in heavy work, those in need of additional joint protection, and horses weighing over 1,200 lb should receive 30 g daily. A loading dose of 30 g per day may be added to daily grain ration for 14 days. 1 scoop = approximately 15 g.

What do others say about KER•Flex

Between putting in the miles for conditioning and variable terrain and footing, eventing can be hard on a horse’s joints. I rely on KER•Flex to support joint health and performance. There are lots of joint products out there, but nothing compares to KER•Flex. Because it’s backed by Kentucky Equine Research, I know it’s the best joint supplement for my high-performance horses.
-Lisa Barry, Upper-Level Eventer
When looking for a joint supplement for my upper-level dressage horses, I turned to KER for an answer. My solution is KER-Flex.
-Mary Jordan, International Para-dressage Rider

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