Modern equine management practices have resulted in horses being exposed to situations vastly different to those in which they evolved, including solitary stall confinement, limited grazing, grain as an energy source, and meal feeding.

These environments and management practices, although convenient to caretakers, are sometimes not optimal for a horse’s health and performance. One debilitating condition influenced by modern horse management is ulceration of both the stomach and colon.

Nearly 90% of performance horses may suffer from gastric ulcers and some researchers have found that many horses also have colonic ulceration as well which can be a cause of colic and weight loss.

Common problems associated with the equine digestive tract include inappetence, colic, gastric ulcers, hindgut acidosis, excess gas production, and loose manure.

Which solution is right for your horse?

EquiShure®. Time-released hindgut buffer. Developed to combat hindgut acidosis, this innovative, one-of-a-kind delivery system allows for the buffering of the hindgut, the site of fermentation in the horse. Appropriate for horses displaying certain signs such as reduced appetite, chronic mild to moderate colic of unexplained origin, poor feed efficiency, stereotypical behaviors, and loose manure. Recommended for horses receiving large grain meals as well as those grazing high-fructan pastures, especially those with a history of laminitis.

RiteTrac. Total digestive tract support. A proprietary blend of ingredients designed to support total digestive tract health. Targeted at both the foregut and hindgut of the horse, RiteTrac works in two distinct ways. First, with its combination of fast-acting antacids and coating agents, RiteTrac quickly neutralizes excessive gastric acid, protecting the stomach lining and restoring the normal gastric environment. Second, RiteTrac contains EquiShure, a time-released hindgut buffer designed to act on the cecum and colon by minimizing the effects of subclinical hindgut acidosis.

Triacton™. Bone and digestive health support. Triacton is a triple-action supplement designed to improve bone density and support digestive health in horses. The pelleted supplement contains an array of highly bioavailable minerals and vitamins essential for sound skeletal development and maintenance, as well as optimal function of the gastrointestinal tract. 

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